Amazing Indoor Arena

For 30 years, Stork Nest Farm in the Czech Republic had been abandoned and the buildings quickly decayed. The only solitary residents who remained were the storks living in a well-built nest on the chimney. The stork’s nest became a symbol for the architects, who created an award-winning landmark in homage to their home.

The Stork Nest Farm, located in Semtin, Czech Republic, 50 kilometers south of Prague, was designed by SGL Projekt Architects. The supporting structure is made of glulam timber beams, and the external cladding is made of translucent polycarbonate. The 200 tons of oak logs wrapping the exterior give the structure an expressive appearance and also provide shading. A central sky-light serves for ventilation of the internal space by natural air flow.

Published Winter 2012

Jaroslav Maly, SGL Projekt Photo credit, Maly.