Now, in its sixth year, the annual Equestrian Living Gold List has grown
to become America’s leading survey of equestrians’ favorite brands, people, places, hangouts, fashion, lifestyles, and more. This year, new winners are welcomed, and repeat winners who have earned gold every year are honored with a new Gold Standard Award.

And the winners are…

Favorite Jumper Riders >

Elizabeth “Beezie” Madden has achieved the EQ Gold Standard Award by being voted America’s favorite jumper every year of voting. She received her first pony as a Christmas gift and began riding at the age of 3. See the list of the top 5 favorites. Go to page.

Favorite Athletes >

The top-five favorite dressage, eventing, reining, and polo competitors, including another Gold Standard winner. Go to page.

Bests Places to Live/ Favorite Realtors/Hangouts/Tack Shops >

Towns equestrians chose as best for summer, winter, or year-round living and the voter’s favorite realtors to find the perfect home. Plus favorite restaurants/hangouts and tack shops. Go to Page.

Favorite Events and Venues >

The top-five favorite shows, events, and venues for jumping, reining, dressage, and eventing, and local favorites by region. Go to page.

Fashion, Jewelry and Accessories >

Equestrian-inspired fashion for the street and a Gold Standard winner for leather accessories and jewelry. Go to page.

Ariat Gold Standard Award Winner | Boots >

This year, the Gold Standard winner won five out of seven categories in boots and riding apparel. Go to page.

Travel Favorites >

More than half of voters travel for a month or more a year. Where they go, stay, and how they get there. Go to page.

Favorite Rescues and Charities | Trucks and Trailers >

The preferred breeds of barn dogs, brands of cars, trucks, SUVs, and trailers, and favorite charities and rescues, as well a a Gold Standard award to an amazing rescue. Go to page.