Challenging Terrain

Location: Bald Rock, North Carolina
Architects: Pegasus Design Group, Southern Pines, N.C.
Construction: Jack Watson, Mountain House Construction
Interior Design: Gerry McGee of Carlisle Co.
Landscape Design: Mary Palmer, Dargen Landscape Architects



The journey to this barn began with a phone call from Bobby McDaniel after he saw an informative article in the Equestrian Living 2015 design issue,” said Pegasus Design Group’s Holly Matt. “He had just purchased a stunning-view lot and house, and with its challenging topography, he knew he needed assistance to make his horse barn and property the best it could be.

“Toni and Bobby had a cattle ranch in Clewiston, Florida, and planned to spend the summers in North Carolina,” Matt continued. “They were familiar with the area and had specific requirements which shaped the barn’s layout and placement within the terrain. Even though the barn would be small, it was a challenge to fit it in sight-distance of the kitchen and porch and be on level access to the house because some points were over a 25- to 30-percent slope. It meant blasting into the granite of the hillside to allow the horses access to turnout from their stalls and people access from the house.

“Using Google earth and 3D modeling, we arrived at a solution that needed a leap of faith by the clients, but ultimately has worked perfectly to fit their lifestyle,” Matt said. “They wanted natural light, proper ventilation, and beneficial stall flooring, as well as a natural mountain vernacular to match the house. Tony said that the 3D modeling helped her understand the design issues better than 2D drawings and appreciated how the site drove the design process.”