Jennie Turner Garlington designs one-of-a-kind satchels with her daughter Hope.

Jennie Turner Garlington (above right), former CNN producer and producer of the current PBS series EcoSense for Living, began creating one-of-a-kind satchels in early 2015 from eclectic collector’s items she spotted on her travels. After finding them well-received, she launched Hope Unlimited Bags, a line of totes she has designed with her 12-year-old daughter Hope (above left). The bags are largely inspired by American Indian art and culture. Nothing is wasted and no two are the same.
“We take all kinds of time designing them, which makes each one all the more meaningful,” Jennie said. “Hope Unlimited Bags are truly a labor of love and represent exactly what those words mean—time spent together, looking forward to a positive future, and appreciating that everything has a place, a use, and its own unique potential.”
Jennie and Hope find inspiration for Hope Unlimited Bags in nature and from exploring new shops and locations when they travel. They may find a silver concho belt buckle while visiting Dad/Granddad, Ted Turner, in Montana, pick up a beautiful kilim rug at an antique shop in Jennie’s hometown of Atlanta, or come across an outstanding leather remnant at a farrier’s shop in their home state of Kentucky.

“These bags are real works of art and very personal,” Jennie said. “After Hope and I find the perfect way to accessorize and design them, we work in lockstep with a local craftsman who actually hand-sews the bag on an antique Singer machine. It’s a dying art.”

Each bag is completely unique and can take up to three months to design and produce. They are satchel-sized, perfect for easy travel or toting an iPad. “They are at once eclectic and a combination of objects that hold special meaning,” Jennie said. “And Hope’s input is incredibly valuable because she’s so creative and has that child’s pure eye. She sees things that adults can’t, gives me ideas, and, together, we go with it.”