Irish Equestrian Estate

An enchanting French Chateau style Country Estate set on the banks of the Argideen River.

The Lisselan Estate in Clonakilty, Co., Cork was built in a simplified French Chateau style between 1851 and 1853 by William Bence-Jones to a design by Lewis Vulliamy. The main House is 10,764 square feet with 315 acres perfect for horses.

The Henry Ford ancestral site is located on part of the Lisselan Estate. Henry Ford, son of William Ford was born in America on July 30th, 1863. Henry’s father William Ford, along with his grandfather John Ford, were born in Ireland. John Ford was a tenant farmer within the Lisselan Estate farming 30 acres of land. In 1847 when the Great Famine hit Ireland John Ford left with his family and headed for the United States of America.

Lisselan Gardens were laid out in Robinsonian style from the early 1850s. William Bence-Jones, the then owner of the estate, chose a site on a promontory above the river to create 30 acres of gardens which take advantage of the natural contours provided by the valley and the Argideen River running through the Estate.

The Lisselan Estate holds some of the best private stretches of the River Argideen for salmon and sea trout fishing. There is 1170m of double bank fishing with ten named pools and 455m of single bank fishing.

Lisselan Golf Club is one of the most challenging and picturesque of Irish golf courses to be played. The parkland course is a nine hole golf course set on 80 acres surrounded by mature woodlands and with the Argideen River flowing through. Each hole can be played twice, with two sets of tees at each hole; Lisselan certainly is a gem among the Irish golf courses.