Salamander Resort, Virginia

Last updated on June 20th, 2018 at 09:40 am

After a scenic drive from Washington, D.C., through the heart of Virginia horse country, I arrived in the historic village of Middleburg, Virginia in less than an hour.

Simply driving onto the Salamander Resort property is a treat. The long, tree-lined driveway brings you between carefully tended hayfields with mountain views and perhaps the glimpse of a fox. When I came around a bend through the gardens, I had the sense of arriving at a Virginia estate rather than a hotel.
For centuries, the salamander has symbolized strength, courage, and fortitude. The name Salamander also re ects the wartime history of the property’s previous owner, Bruce Sundlun, whose World War II code name during his secret amphibian missions was Salamander, and why he chose it as the name for his Middleburg farm. In respect
for both Sundlun and the traits attributed to the salamander, the current owner, Sheila Johnson, sought and was granted permission to use Salamander as her brand name.

My feeling of entering an estate rather than a hotel was maintained when I entered the lobby, which, although grand, offered a sense of welcome and comfort. The room is beautifully appointed with equestrian-themed sculptures, paintings, and inviting seating areas. Adjacent to the lobby is a wood-paneled, 2,500-book library. Guests can choose a cozy corner with a chessboard, a stuffed-leather chair, or a couch in front of the fire.

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