The Aristocratic Rebel

Contributing editor Sandra Ranke and her creative team present The Aristocratic Rebel, fiercely unique in her juxtaposition of pretty florals and masculine plaids, she is much like a newly tamed Mustang, embodies dramatic unpredictability.

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Contributing editor: Sandra Ranke
Fashion editor: David Burnett
Photographer: Heidi Niemala
Model: Maddie
Hair: Jacqui Davis
Makeup: Lori Pressman 
Digital Tech and retouching:
Kate Field
Production assistant: Anja Schattschneider
Photo assistants: Aaron Hunt and
Jim Osen 
Horse Country
Mustangs: Viggo and Stryder rescued and trained by Ronda Ann Gregorio
Shot on location in Middleburg, Virginia
Special thanks: Patricia Black at Albright Fashion Library 
and Barry Soorenko