The Hampton Classic


Hampton Classic Horse Show.


Topping Rose House.


Sarah Jessica Parker watching her daughter in Leadline. Photo by Lisa Tamburini


McLain Ward & Tina La Boheme. Photo from The Book LLC


Jessica Springsteen. Photo by Lenny Stucker.


Georgina Bloomberg and her son Jasper. Photo by Victor Cangro.


Christie Brinkley and Jill Rappaport.


Brooke Shields. Photo by Lenny Stucker.


Baron's Cove.


Almond Restaurant. Photo by Lindsay Morris.

The Hampton Classic evolved from the original Southampton Horse Show, which dates back to the early twentieth century.

The Hampton Classic Horse Show boasts immaculate showgrounds, stiff competition, and some of the best riders from around the world. The classic is an essential stop on the summer horse show tour and draws in crowds of everyone from local spectators to A-list celebrities. Situated in scenic Bridgehampton, New York, the show is just minutes away from local beaches and fashionable boutiques. The 65-acre showgrounds feature four grass rings and classes for all skill levels. At the classic, the infamous lead line class is often just as competitive as the grand prix show jumping.

Meet the Director: Shanette Barth Cohen and learn her favorite things to do, places to go, and what to eat in the Hamptons.

The equestrian lifestyle has always played an integral role in the history of the Hamptons, and the show served as a unique celebration of horses and riding. The Southampton Horse Show was held on and off for many years, until Mrs. Edwin M. Schwenk Jr. officially revitalized the show in 1971. The event was later dubbed the Hampton Classic in 1977. The classic continued to grow every year by adding more grand prix classes and offering a wide array of showing divisions. In turn, the event grew in its popularity and became more competitive every year. Most recently, the show introduced a fourth FEI class and an open jumper class in 2016. Additionally, prize money was increased for three grand prix jumping classes.

The Hampton Classic continually prides itself as an event that listens to all of its constituents, from riders and spectators to sponsors and advertisers. As a result, the show has grown exponentially and has earned its place as one of the most beloved horse shows in the United States. In 2009, the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) awarded the Hampton Classic the status of Heritage Competition, only the second show to ever receive the prestigious standing.