You don’t expect to hear that some of the most cutting-edge biotechnology is now part of the elite game of polo, “the ancient sport of kings.”

But on a trip to Argentina last December, we went to a big polo match — and discovered that several of the champion horses on the field were clones.

The player generating the most interest is the man in the blue and white helmet, Adolfo Cambiaso. He’s led his team to victory for the last five years. At 42, he’s the Tom Brady of polo.

Adolfo Cambiaso: I love the sport that I do. I love polo. I love horses. And so I try to be the best.

Lesley Stahl: You are number one in the world in your sport. That’s stunning, isn’t it?

Adolfo Cambiaso: It’s strange. When they say it to you, you don’t feel like it but …

Lesley Stahl: How long have you had this title? How many years?

Adolfo Cambiaso: For 22 years.

Lesley Stahl: You’ve been the best in the world for 22 years?

Adolfo Cambiaso: That’s what they say.

At age 25, Adolfo decided to create his own polo team called La Dolfina, and a breeding business from scratch. Today he has nearly a 1000 horses that are fed a special diet of plants and grasses grown on his massive farms…

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