Meet Humphrey, a ferocious and fearless dog in a miniature, bow-legged body.
Published Fall 2012

Two years ago Humphrey found his way to us at Middle Ranch in Los Angeles. He and another dog were abandoned at the farm, and after two days of trying to catch him, we were successful! After he had a bath we took him home and were pleased to find out that he was housebroken.

He was great with us right from the start, but definitely not good with others–particularly the delivery guys! The UPS guy is terrified of him!

We decided Humphrey was a perfect name for our independent dog with loving eyes, very crooked legs, and tons of personality.

He travels to the shows with us–typically flying under the seat with us in the cabin when we go to Florida and Canada.

He is in his pen when we are busy at the shows. When we get back he does what we call a “yowl” that is so loud people think someone or something is hurting him. In reality he is just so excited to see us and wants to get our attention. He doesn’t want anyone to forget he is there!

He easily charmed many of the women working in the horse show offices into feeding him. He drags you there and refuses to wait in line to see them.

He is definitely a “California dog.” Even when it is just slightly cold he has to wear a puffy coat and cozy up by the heater.

We were lucky to find this little guy. He has become a fixture around the barn and at the shows, and he sure takes his job seriously!

Humphrey was adopted by Chris Pratt and Jen Badala Pratt and lives at their Epic Stables in Los Angeles. Chris Pratt had already won over $300,000 in prizes by late Spring, riding Indigo Farms’ Cruise. He won both the HITS Lamborghini Grand Prix and the Smart Pak Grand Prix in March, and took the blue ribbon again at the $100,000 Villas at Rancho Valencia Grand Prix of Del Mar in May. Chris and Cruise were nominated for the 2012 Olympics in London.