Francesca and Sharkey, Martha Stewart’s two French bulldogs, said they wished they could be EQ Barn Dogs. They get their wish!

When EQ visited Martha Stewart’s Bedford, NY, farm recently her French bulldogs,Francesca and Sharkey, immediately took to the web to announce the photo shoot on their blog, “The Daily Wag.” They even hinted that they might make good EQ Barn Dogs. Please welcome them! See their blog at The Daily Wag.

Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Photos by Ron Palacio

“Francesca! Come and see this magazine, Equestrian Quarterly. These covers are beautiful!”

“Maybe that would explain why there are people in the stable with a photographer taking pictures!”

“The lens in now pointing in our direction. Franny, that’s George Kamper, a rather famous photographer.”

“…you have a section in the magazine called ‘Barn Dogs.’ We wouldn’t mind one bit if you featured us.”

“You must be the editor and creative director. We’re very glad to meet you.”

“And this nice fellow is the publisher. There’s something about you that dogs just love, isn’t there?”