Barn Hardware Comes Home


Daphne Markcrow, owner of Oughton Limited in Vermont, brings the ambiance of a barn to her guest suite.


This 6” brass bridle bracket is larger than standard hooks allowing for ample space and hanging room. Also available in chrome and black. $18. Horse Fare Products


The Horsehead with Horseshoe Bridle Holder is a great addition to any barn or home. Made with solid patinaed brass this bridle hook is stylish and durable. $20. Horse Fare Products


Designed with graceful details and sturdy materials, this equestrian hook handsomely pairs wood with iron. The hook is secured to solid wood back plate. $34. Pottery Barn


The Horseshoe Roller Hanger’s design originates from the classic shape of the steel-rounded shoe, nailed into a horse’s hoof wall. It is designed for strength and support of oversized doors. Brushed stainless steel. $349. Rustica Hardware


This Victorian-style hanger is characterized by its intricate design. It is both romantic and bold. The tall and substantial hanger mounts to the face of the door. $398. Rustica Hardware


The Paumelle Hinge will compliment your home or barn with its beautiful patina. Backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. $318. Rocky Mountain Hardware


The Rod Iron Scroll is a contemporary, yet rustic style of barn door hardware, and will fit any of your rolling door hardware needs. Made to last. $319. Rustica Hardware

Discover stylish new ways to bring the warmth and character of your treasured barn inside.
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