A Gentleman’s Attire

While I am grateful to live in a time that allows me the freedom to be an independent, free-spirited, and entrepreneurial woman, I still value the importance of a gentleman with style.

From opening the car door, to complimenting his lady’s new dress, a 21st century man should always conduct himself with dignity and grace. That goes for his attire as well.

Because ladies’ equestrian fashion is so prolific and in such high demand, it seems that our equestrian men tend to get the short end of the riding crop! However that is not due to a lack of selection in men’s riding clothing; it’s because men do not shop like women. But that is slowly changing as the mobile tack stores are growing exponentially at the horse shows, giving men the opportunity to shop while at the barn instead of making a second trip. I am also always pleasantly surprised when the men walking the show grounds look polished and put together. Most of them sport classic polo shirts or button-down shirts, always neatly tucked in with a sleek leather belt. They rarely have their boot zippers undone and almost never show in the jumper arena without a proper coat.

A gentleman can never go wrong with a fitted polo shirt and a pair of classic tan Pikeur Rodrigo riding pants. The waterproof and breathable nubuck leather makes the rustic Sergio Grasso Carthago Boot and Calypso chap the perfect combo for everyday riding. Winston Equestrian, a small boutique line of elegant riding apparel from Belgium, offers a wide selection of options for men to customize their show coat.

Men are much less fussy about colors, rarely concerned about their weight, and often don’t care how others perceive them, which allows for more creativity when outfitting them. I appreciate that most of them have classic style sensibilities and know that you if you want a nicely cut jacket and pant, quality trumps quantity every time. Men’s equestrian fashion can also crossover into everyday wear as well. While my husband prefers to ride a steel horse, his closet has an abundance of Joules and Animo polo shirts. My dad, who I am fairly certain has not been on a horse in over 30 years, has a beautiful pair of Tucci paddock boots that he wears with his suits.

The Animo Illusion Show Jacket doubles as a modern blazer paired here with casual slacks and Tucci boots

Some of my personal favorites in men’s riding apparel are the Whitaker riding breech, the Winston Exclusive Show Jacket, and the Tucci Time Harley tall boots. But whatever his personal brand, a true equestrian gentleman will know that he looks only as good as the beautiful horse he rides.

Owner, Renee Spurge 
LA Saddlery has opened the California equestrian market to companies from all over the world. They present new clothing lines that challenge the traditional riding outfit with fresh ideas, high-performance fabrics, and fashion-forward details. The main store is located in the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank, California and the mobile boutique frequents many of the top California horse shows. www.lasaddlery.com

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