Beloved actress and animal advocate

Born in 1922, Betty White touched many households during her years as an iconic actress and comedian. As a trail blazing female in the entertainment industry, Betty White starred in a multitude of successful movies and television shows such as The Golden Girls, Saturday Night Live, and the box office hit, The Proposal. Betty White’s career as an actress carried on for just over 80 years. Her long-lasting impact on the entertainment industry earned her the title of First Lady on Television, although, it was her philanthropic ways that gave her the title of animal activist.

While Betty White used her platform in the entertainment industry to encourage other women in the industry, White also used her voice to help those who cannot speak. For over four decades, White worked with closely with the Los Angeles Zoo. It was during this time that White also participated in the advancement of animal health during her tenure with the Morris Animal Foundation. It was her activist work after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that led to the creation of the Betty White Wildlife Rapid Response Fund in 2010. Now, the fund called the Betty White Wildlife Fund, continues to advocate for the animals that have suffered during the times of natural disaster.

Betty White with horse
Morris Animal Foundation

“Betty always put the animals first. In the 1990s, she suggested pain management should be an area of future research and funded the first few studies,” said Dr. Rob Hilsenroth, former Morris Animal Foundation Executive Director and a longtime friend of Betty White. “Today, if a veterinarian performs an elective surgery, like a spay or neuter without using pain management, she/he could face a malpractice charge. You can thank Betty White for that revolutionary change in the way we practice all phases of veterinary medicine today.”

* You can also donate via the Danny and Ron’s rescue website using the #BettyWhiteChallenge. 

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“It is hard to imagine a world without Betty in it. She was a tremendous animal advocate who tirelessly supported the work of Morris Animal Foundation to improve the health of animals globally. All of us at the Foundation are mourning the loss of this amazing woman,” said Tiffany Grunert, President/CEO of Morris Animal Foundation. “We will miss her wit, her intelligence and, most of all, her love of animals and commitment to advancing their health. She was a true inspiration to our staff, her fellow trustees and all of our supporters.”

Here is a video of Betty White’s visit to Bravehearts Therapeutic Riding program:

If you would like to honor Betty White, please consider making a memorial gift to the Betty White Wildlife Fund at Morris Animal Foundation to benefit at-risk animals around the world.