Breyerfest 2017

Dan SteersFrancesca Carsen with Dally & SpankyTimi LoyalDan James – Liberty actSteve Rother & Professor  - GarochaPas de Cheval dancersPas de Cheval dancersKYB Dressage’s Ruben Martinez and Pas de Cheval DancersDan James – opening ceremony

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Dan Steers


Francesca Carsen with Dally & Spanky


Timi Loyal


Dan James – Liberty act


Steve Rother & Professor  - Garocha


Pas de Cheval dancers


Pas de Cheval dancers


KYB Dressage’s Ruben Martinez and Pas de Cheval Dancers


Dan James – opening ceremony


BreyerFest’s Gateway to India, held July 12-14th at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Ky. was the biggest and best-attended BreyerFest ever!  Honored as the Celebration Horse for the 28th annual event, was Francesca Kelly’s Marwari Nazruddin, a sorrel stallion, one of fewer than 15 Marwari Horses in the United States. Kelly and Raghuvendra Singh (Bonnie) Dundlod, co-founders of the Indigenous Horse Society of India, were on hand to present their horses and tent pegging demonstrations, as well as to talk about the Marwari breed.

Other special guests included Aury Wallington, Executive Producer of Spirit Riding Free, the new original DreamWorks show now streaming on Netflix, Elizabeth Letts, author of The Perfect Horse as well as a record number of the real horses that Breyer has honored as Breyer model horses. Guest horses included: Marsha Hartford Sapp’s mustang Cobra, now a dressage champion; top U.S. driver Suzy Stafford’s PVF Peace of Mind, Lisa Murray’s Repeat the Beat, Sarah Schechner’s Fantasia Del C and her filly Gozosa, Champion PRE (Andalusian) mares; World Champion Cutting Horse Paint Me A Pepto with owner Linda Warner and her new filly; Appaloosa champion Lil Ricky Rocker and eventer Elisa Wallace’s mustang Hwin.

BreyerFest is three-days of hands-on horse fun including meet and greets with horses and their owners, equestrian art instructions, workshops, seminars, a trade show, three days of equine demonstrations and lots of social events. “BreyerFest is unlike any equestrian event in America with its blend of real horse and model horse activities,” said Kathleen Fallon, Breyer’s VP of Communications. “It bridges the gap for equestrians and horse lovers alike with a genuine experience with the horses and their owners that makes it magical.” BreyerFest XXIX will be held July 13-15, 2018 and will feature the theme Off to the Races!