What little child isn’t inspired by the magic of horses?

This collection of books ranges from adorable and silly to sweet and adventurous.

CLIP-CLOP. With simple rhythmic text and charming pictures, this gleeful book by Nicola Smee will make your toddler beg to read it again and again.

IF I RAN THE HORSE SHOW. In the latest installment of the Cat in the Hat Learning Library by Bonnie Worth, the Cat introduces Sally and Nick—and beginning readers—to all things horsey.

HELLO HORSE. This gentle introduction to horses by Vivian French, illustrated by Catherine Rayner, will delight even those who need a little reassurance before jumping into the saddle.

HORSE MEETS DOG. Television comedy writer Elliott Kalan and acclaimed illustrator Tim Miller team up in this clever comedy of mistaken species identity.

IF A HORSE HAD WORDS. This lyrical story by Kelly Cooper with illustrations by Lucy Eldridge follows the relationship between a boy and a horse.

DINKY GOES TO THE HAMPTONS. Author Emily Kil based this fictional story of Dinky on a real-life pony by the same name, who went on to win the 2018 USEF Pony Jumper Championships.

MY PONY. A little girl who longs for a pony draws pictures of a dappled mare she names Silver, then rides her through a magical countryside in her dreams.

LITTLE PONY. Mini Look at Me Books are miniature versions of the larger versions—resized to fit tiny hands. Here, a baby pony learns about the world.

IF I HAD A HORSE. An inspiring picture book with simple text and gorgeous, impressionistic artwork from acclaimed author-illustrator Gianna Marino, is about a girl imagining what life would be like with a horse.

A HORSE NAMED STEVE. Steve finds a gold horn in the forest and attaches it to his head. A laugh-out-loud tale of an endearingly self-absorbed horse who learns that there’s more than one way to blow your own horn!

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