These simple ingredients are a scrumptious addition to any party.

The charcuterie board trend has taken off in the last few years into creative masterpieces featuring everything from breakfast foods, campfire favorites, holiday essentials and more. These eye catching masterpieces are an efficient use of space while offering guests a variety of options to graze on.

Usually, charcuterie boards normally contain a combination of cheeses, meats, fresh and dried fruits and vegetables, nuts, and bread or crackers along with some spreads or dips such as jam, hummus and/or honey. However, there are no rules as to what can be used!

It’s imperative to use high-quality ingredients, as each individual piece is the star of it’s own show! A good rule of thumb is to select at least three different options from each category. In example, a soft cheese, hard cheese, and spreadable cheese.

When it comes to serving sizes, it is recommended to have 8-12 ounces of each item, ensuring there is enough for everyone to try everything if they want.

And of course, no charcuterie board is complete without a cocktail!