Curvy Line

PS of Sweden decided it was time for a collection for curvy equestrians that offers quality, function, and style.

Traditional equestrian apparel has come a long way in materials, styles, colors, and cuts, increasingly accommodating to the rider’s athletic endeavors. Still, there are limitations that have excluded equestrians with a variety of body types. The Swedish equestrian apparel brand PS of Sweden decided it was time for a collection for curvy women that offers quality, function, and style. “It’s high time that every woman, regardless of size, is able to feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident in her riding wear,” says Carina Pagoldh, head of design at PS of Sweden, founded in 2011. Curvy Line, a collection that launched earlier this year, is more than an upsized collection, designed specifically to meet the needs of curvy equestrians. 

Designing for Curvy Riders

“During the design process, we asked a group of riders to try out the clothes,” said Pagoldh. “They evaluated all details and changes along the way. It was crucial in developing the best possible pieces and gave us important new ideas. With their feedback, we continued developing the line and created refined riding wear with a perfect fit in sizes 46-50.” All of the test customers shared frustration over how hard it is to find riding wear to fit with the same high quality and design level as can be found in the smaller sizes. 

“There are many curvy women in the equestrian world, but all the well-designed and high-fashion pieces are made for thinner women. That is why this collection will be significant to a lot of people,” said Therese, who was part of the test group for Curvy Line. 

curvy line equestrian apparel from PS Sweden

Handpicked sustainable materials, high functionality, and unique details characterize the collection. “The clothes need to have a different fit, so it’s always best to measure them on larger body types from the start. It doesn’t matter if something is available in a larger size if it’s not made with the right fit and in suitable materials,” continued Therese. The breeches feature a high waist and silicone grip; the vests include details like extra buttons and slits that open and close. 

Function and Comfort for all sizes

“Functionality and comfort are so important because that’s part of what makes you feel beautiful. And feeling both beautiful and comfortable affects your performance and your riding,” explained Anna, another of the line’s test riders. For the founder of PS of Sweden, Karin Bjärle, the most rewarding aspect of developing Curvy Line was seeing the response of the women wearing the pieces. 

“It has been an honor to create riding wear that was received so well and is worn with such pride. To see how these women radiate and hear that they want to wear the clothes as often as they can feels incredible. We are passionate about the equestrian sport and want as many riders as possible to feel comfortable and be able to perform their best,” she said.