An innovative take on equestrian outerwear.

Co-Founder Connie DeMaio is a lifelong equestrian and a professional rider and trainer. She first conceptualized the quintessential equestrian coverall while enduring long, cold days of training at the barn where she worked and while taking students to compete at horse shows. Connie needed a garment that would keep her warm and clean while spending hours outside in the winter but could easily be shed when she needed to get on a horse and ride. She needed a coverall, but a coverall that could perform her specific requirements and look good at the same time.

Co-Founder Allison Malenfant is a retail merchandising and product development expert who has spent her entire career in the active apparel industry, primarily developing SoulCycle’s lifestyle clothing line. She picked up horseback riding in her 20s and took her first lessons under REDINGOTE Co-Founder Connie DeMaio in Brooklyn, New York. Allison wanted to wear the relevant riding apparel brands to the barn but struggled to find pieces that were fresh and on-trend. After watching the athleisure fashion trend explode in her own industry, she noticed that this trend had not reached the equestrian market and saw an opportunity to introduce a new spin on traditional equestrian essentials.

In 2017, Connie and Allison realized they are the perfect match. Connie has a deep understanding of what a rider needs to perform well and comfortably and knows what type of products and styles will appeal to her fellow equestrians.

Allison has her finger on the pulse of the activewear industry and understands how to translate fashion trends into performance-driven products.

Connie and Allison decided to put their expertise together and hit the ground running with Redingote’s debut product, the insulated winter coverall. They have since released a rain gear version of the coverall for all seasons and a schooling collection that honors equestrian tradition while offering a brand new look.

Today, Redingote pieces are worn nationwide by equestrian industry professionals like Connie and weekend warriors like Allison. An Equestrian Living staff member who lives in a chilly climate tried out the jumpsuit, jacket & coveralls combination and testifies these are a must-have for winter warriors. The fit, fabric, and cut of the material are truly unmatched! Plus, the selection of colors the innovative designs are available in is sensational.

The fashionable and functional pieces in their collections include state-of-the-art jumpsuits, coveralls, jackets, riding pants, tops, and more.

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