The Texas-based designer, EDWINA VIDOSH, talks about working with equestrians in Wellington, Florida.


Edwina’s love of horses has deep roots in her family’s history. Her dad, a professional cowboy, initially put on his cowboy hat and boots to fund his college education at Rice University in Houston, Texas. She grew up surrounded by horses, nurturing her affection for the majestic creatures. However, her true passion for equestrianism ignited when a neighboring equestrian farm allowed her to visit their stables. “I fell in love with this elegant style of riding,” comments Edwina .Yet, it wasn’t an easy transition for my cowboy dad to fully embrace my newfound passion for equestrianism.”

“ Nonetheless, with Edwina’s convincing, a shared love for the horse world was born in her family. From junior high to college, she dedicated herself to showing horses and forging a bond with the graceful creatures that ultimately defined her equestrian lifestyle.

Horses have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping Edwina’s character and design style, admitting their elegance and strength have left an indelible mark on her heart and creative sensibilities. “As I’ve grown alongside horses, their influence has seamlessly integrated into my design aesthetic,” she muses.


The Ambassador Retreat in Wellington, Florida, stands as a testament to creativity and problem-solving. The clients needed a larger home to accommodate their family and team, but the existing proper- ties in the area fell short of their requirements. The solution was to acquire two houses and marry them into a unified living space.

Edwina’s fascination with how people expressed their individuality through the spaces they called home ignited her passion for interior design at a remarkably young age. “The pivotal moment came when my mother hired interior designer, Mr. Farbs, to redesign our home. Perceptive to my keen interest, Mr. Farbs graciously welcomed me into the creative process,” continues Edwina.

“Together, we transformed my bedroom into a space that reflected my dreams and personality. During this project, with Mr. Farbs’ guidance, I discovered the magic of colors, textures, and spatial arrangement, and I channeled these new- found skills into crafting a bedroom that felt like an extension of my soul. That pivotal moment was when I
knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that my life’s calling was to create dream spaces for others, to shape their homes into beautiful reflections of their unique stories and aspirations.”

This experience fueled her determination to pursue a career in interior design. It was a defining factor in her decision to attend Texas Christian University (TCU), a pioneering institution that offered one of the earliest accredited interior design programs. She asserts her journey at TCU provided her with the education, mentorship, and practical experience needed to start her career.

For Edwina, interior design isn’t just a profession; it’s a lifelong passion and a means of helping others craft their own stories within the walls of their homes. It all began with a dream bedroom and a chance encounter with a talented designer, setting the stage for a fulfilling journey that unfolds daily.

Photo by: Robert Stevens Photo by: The Book LLC

Baxter Hill in Wellington’s Grand Prix Village exemplifies the beauty of restoration and the limitless potential that can be unlocked when working with existing structures.


Photo by: Paige Paia
Edwina’s reimagined MULE BARN is an office and creative workspace.

Her unique office has become more than just a structure; for Edwina, it’s her sanctuary. “Originally, my husband and I purchased this land with dreams of building our own home, a place where our family could create lasting memories,” Edwina reflects. “As the years passed, we found ourselves navigating the labyrinthine world of permits and regulations. Through it all, our love for the land remained, and the idea of selling it was never an option.”

One day, a spark of inspiration struck. Edwina’s husband suggested that instead of waiting for the permits to tear down the barn, they would keep the barn structure and turn it into an office. With a clear vision, Edwina started turning the old mule barn into a haven for her creativity. “It wasn’t just about creating a workspace; it was about infusing it with the essence of who I am,” she reflects. The result was a space that felt like an extension of her soul and a place where imagination could flourish.

“What truly makes my office special are the cherished visitors I receive throughout the day. My horses and cows saunter in to say hello to me and my team,” laughs Edwina. “They bring a sense of calm and connection. These delightful interruptions always bring us a smile.

“My office barn isn’t just a place of work; it’s where I find inspiration, creativity, and the sweetest moments of serendipity, courtesy of my four-legged friends,” Edwina adds. “I believe that the most extraordinary spaces are those that evolve organically, driven by passion and a love for the land that surrounds them.”


Edwina has been fortunate enough to work on design projects worldwide, but Wellington has been particularly special to her. She grew up going to Wellington during her equestrian career and has completed over 20 design projects in the area. “I got the opportunity to do my first project there when one of my clients from Houston approached me with the idea of designing a barn in Wellington,” Edwina recalls. “It felt like a seamless fit; my personal understanding of the area and the equestrian world allowed me to comprehend the unique needs of both horses and riders.”

Photo by: Robert Stevens
The Struck House faced the challenge of needing more space, and the designers trans- formed two townhomes into a single house. The result is nearly impossible to discern their original separateness.

With this deep understanding, Edwina set out to create not just a barn but a functional, safe, and undeniably beautiful space. This inaugural project became a testament to her passion for equestrian design and commitment to delivering excellence. Word quickly spread about the transformation she brought to that barn, and as a result, her clientele in Wellington began to grow through word of mouth.

“Each project in Wellington has been an opportunity for me to blend my love for horses and design, creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also conducive to the well-being of these magnificent animals,” Edwina shares. “It’s been a journey that has allowed me to combine my personal affection for animals with my professional expertise, resulting in a fulfilling and deeply rewarding chapter in my career.”

Photos by George Kamper.

IT’S IN THE DETAILS. Homes by Edwina Alexis are identified by an eye for detail, juxtapositioning interesting objects, textures, and colors in unexpected ways, such as in this Wellington home.