Excuse Me, is that a Middy N’ Me?

Excuse Me, is that a Middy N’ Me?


Oh yes, and best to tell it like it is. Prepare yourself – walk into the world of Middy N’ Me and you will be noticed. It’s these custom shirts that made the Middy N’ Me brand. Never heard of them, that’s okay as there’s an under-the-radar vibe for this little company that makes beautiful riding shirts.  So much to take in and admire, and just a week ago, they received this note from a customer. 

It Was Like I Walked Into The Country Club Naked!

“Yes. Today I wore my Lobster blouse to The Country Club… It was like I walked in naked! Everyone, and I do mean everyone, came up to me and told me what a GREAT Blouse it was. There were people I didn’t know who gave me a long stare. I can’t wait to dazzle everyone with my other shirt!! Perfect fit. Thank you Middy N’ Me!” – Gail K.

That perfect fit is at the center of the Middy N’ Me story, as each shirt, dress, and skirt is custom made. Those who order find they can get a couture masterpiece, their own classic and available in sizes 0 – 22.  Known for the finest premium-weight cottons and color-drenched solids, sweet ginghams and original contrast designs, each piece is expertly cut, tailored and American Made in the Carolinas. 

What About My Unique Size and Fit?

This is what impressed us so much as we delved into the Middy N’ Me story, and how they offer so many fits, including generous cut in the bust, generous cut in the waist, and even an extra sleeve length and skirts that come in three lengths, all without any additional charge. Perfect fit is part of the custom made experience that makes this fashion brand so special. 

Ms. Leea Bridgeman could not have been prettier, and we were so happy she decided to email us a pic on her special day!

Rescue Horse Captures Heart – Launches Brand

Middy is the name of a special horse, actually a nickname, short for Middleburg.  This wonderful Belgian cross mare was rescued from a pharmaceuticals farm in Canada, sent to an auction in Kentucky and purchased sight unseen by a wonderful lady, Kimberly Barratt, the soon-to-be founder of the Middy N’ Me fashion brand. 

Ask Kimberly Barratt how Middy N’ Me went from an idea to a coveted brand bringing the highest quality riding and resort wear to savvy women across the world, and she’ll say the same thing every time: “The kindness of others.”

My ‘Middies’ (as I affectionately call them) are my most beloved items of clothing! Middy N’ Me artfully combines an equestrian’s love of horses into fun, colorful and comfortable fashion. (Plus, I get too many compliments to count!) –Dawn Hicks

Couture. Colorful. Clever. Collectible. Covetable

With an intrinsic feel for on-point class, Kimberly’s Middy N’ Me collections are fit for fast riding, fine dining, and the quiet, casual moments that life gifts us in between. It can be said they’re perfect for your everyday life or your on-holiday needs, equestrian-inspired prints and real-woman cuts make this brand, we daresay, a perfect fit for the gorgeous gal seeking to stand out…no matter what she’s doing.  

And as they say… “We invite you to slip on a Middy N’Me and fall in love.”