At Home in Lexington with Meg Jewett at Walnut Hall

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Horses, history, and family tales take center stage at Walnut Hall, the home of Meg Jewett, and her husband Alan J. Leavitt.
Meg’s great grandfather, Lamon Vanderburgh Harkness, one of the largest stockholders of Standard Oil, purchased the property in 1892 and it has remained in the family for four generations. The original 450-acre farm grew to 5,000 acres and became the enormously successful Walnut Hall Stock Farm—most notably for breeding Standardbreds. 1,200 acres of the original estate became part of the Kentucky Horse Park.

The mansion offers an intriguing journey into a lavish past. It’s a home with intricate wood detailing, vintage floor coverings, ornate wallpaper, and fireplaces in every room. A continuous maze of rooms unfolds-–each with a distinct personality, each ornamented with layers of worldly travels and treasures.

Horses are prominent at Walnut Hall. A row of Hambletonian trophies, the most prestigious award for trotters, line a mantle, and other Standardbred paraphernalia and awards are scattered about. Elegant equestrian trophies designed by L. V. Harkness–Meg’s luxury retail business–shimmer on the shelves. Horses continue to graze in the paddocks and remain integral to life at Walnut Hall.

With a passion for horses, a love of quality, and a taste for the eclectic, Meg Jewett’s shop, L.V. Harkness & Co. proves itself as a leader in the gift industry. A first-class, on-site engraving team, allows L.V. Harkness to produce incredibly appointed bespoke gifts awards and trophies. See EQ’s visit below:

In 2010, L.V. Harkness was selected to create the official trophies for the World Equestrian Games. The trophies were inspired by the beauty of the horse and the spirit of the Bluegrass.

And once again, L.V. Harkness is creating the official trophies for the National Horse Show, and is sure to create trophies as unique and graceful as the event itself.

Lamon Vanderburg Harkness’ adventurous spirit lives on in his great-granddaughter, Meg Jewett —it’s her turn at the helm. When she’s not rescuing horses from slaughter, she travels the globe seeking the unusual “wants” and unique “must haves” that add so much spice to life. It is with great family pride that she shares these treasures at L.V. Harkness & Co. — the luxury retail destination she owns, named after her great-grandfather, of course.

Nestled in downtown Lexington, L.V. Harkness & Co. indulges clients, gift-givers and brides-to-be worldwide with distinguished gifts, trophies, registries and awards. The storefront is a carefully curated blend of southern hospitality, traditional sensibilities and equestrian lifestyle. L.V. Harkness has an array of impressive brands including Meissen, Buccellati, Daum, Moser, Simon Pearce, Herend, Baccarat, and Grainger McKoy. In March of 2010 L.V. Harkness & Co. launched their lines of fine stationery and in-house printing services. With all of its offerings L.V. Harkness continues its journey to find and provide luxurious beauty around the world.