HERMÈS previews its imaginative and whimsical wearables, accessories, and home décor items.

Vibrant colors, good-hope, and optimism can be found as the common theme throughout the Hermès Objects 2022 Spring/Summer collection. Amidst the trying times, Hermès has created new-found hope with a colorful collection that showcases lightness and happy-contrasting tones within the colormatic 2022 Spring/Summer series.

Necklace in Swift Calfskin and Palladium-Finish Metal

This sleek linked necklace brings together the sophistication of leather and metalwork. The small details of the fabric that is cut to resemble that of horses’ hooves make the Spring/Summer collection intricate and artistic.

Necklace in Swift calfskin and palladium-finish metal

Apple Watch Hermès Series 7 with Double Tour Band in Barénia Calfskin

Along with the many traditional accessories displayed, other fun pieces included a double-tour apple watch band of voluminous leather links.

Apple Watch Hermès Series 7 41mm case in steel, double tour Gourmette band in Barenia calfskin.

The Imagery Saddle Scarf 90 in Silk Twill

It would not be a Hermès presentation without the iconic silk scarves. Beachy vibes inspired the bright colors and intricate patterns of the fabric.

La Selle imaginaire scarf 90cm in silk twill

Toupet Bag in Horsehair and Swift Calfskin

The Colormatic Hermès series introduced fun colorblocking to existing designs, making for a quirky, yet practical vibe.

Toupet bag in horsehair and Swift calfskin

Sabot Bag in Butler Calfskin in Hunter Cowhide

Equestrian aspects were also introduced into the bag collection. Including equestrian bits, detailed leather handles and an accompanying minimalist charm in the form of a stirrup.

Hermès Sabot bag in Butler calfskin and Hunter cowhide

Thalassa Beach Bag in Embroidered Cotton Canvas

Other aspects of the collection included the brand’s take on classic beach accessories. A beach-inspired print by illustrator Ugo Bienvenu, reenacted aspects of a carefree resort town teeming with amusing details.

Thalassa beach bag in embroidered cotton canvas

Atrium Jaguar in the Mexican Garden Tray in Hand-Painted Lacquered Wood

For the Jaguar dans un jardin mexicain design, Jan Bajtlik was inspired by the creations of Mexican architect Luis Barragán. A wild cat has crept into this colorful landscape, moving between lines made up of walls and foliage.

Atrium Jaguar dans un jardin mexican tray in hand-painted lacquered wood

All items available at the Hermès boutique from January 2022. Visit HERMES.COM for more.