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While utterly gracious and breathtakingly beautiful, Mindy is a no-nonsense, business- savvy woman who is in constant motion, juggling numerous projects, fielding calls, and comm[unicating with rapid-fire texts.

Mindy relaxes and chats with EQ. (Photo: George Kamper)

At the time of our interview she was in the process of launching her own healthy lifestyle show and collaborating on several movie projects, with one scheduled to begin filming in Africa in the fall. But it is clearly her Arabian horses and the successful breeding program she has built in the Santa Ynez valley that is her primary focus and absolute passion.

Although the property encompasses 1.5 acres, it doesn’t provide the space necessary to stable her 50 prized Arabians, or allow them the sprawling paddocks found at the 120-acre setting they enjoy in the Santa Ynez valley.

The farm in Santa Ynez is situated on 120 acres of rolling hills, sprawling paddocks, and vineyards. (Photo: George Kamper)

Santa Ynez; Where the Arabians Roam

Joanna, our exceptional tour guide, loaded us onto mules for a tour of the landscape that surrounds the barn and paddocks. Lush green, vine-covered hillsides expand out in all directions, and graceful willow trees shimmer in the sun. It is quiet and peaceful and idyllic for an equestrian lifestyle.

Joanna Rose gave EQ comprehensive tours of both Mindy’s properties. (Photo: George Kamper)

While Mindy was relaxed and animated at our Beverly Hills photo session, she simply beamed with pride while giving us a tour of the barn and an introduction to some of her magnificent mares, stallions, and foals. She spoke enthusiastically about her passion for Arabians and her commitment to educating people about the rich heritage and royalty that flows through this often misunderstood breed.

Eugenio Perez Diaz keeps the horses calm and happy. (Photo: George Kamper)

Mindy is a third-generation Arabian horse breeder in her family. Her grandfather, Ed Brinkert of Hartley, Iowa, bred his first mare to an Arabian stallion in 1957. Eventually the Brinkert operation, which was named MaRoSh, expanded to as many as 60 horses. His focus always remained on type, beauty, and the depth of pedigree. “He called Arabians the ‘drinkers of the wind’ and encouraged me to treasure their inherent and distinctive qualities,” says Mindy.

Her aunt, Shelly Brinkert Hjelm, was another mentor and source of inspiration for Mindy. She taught her about the practical aspects of caring for horses as well as the importance of their pedigree. They spent time together showing, trail riding, and camping in the mountains with their horses. “I used to follow her around the barns, help with the vets, and help condition the horses. I could get lost out there for hours, brushing, grooming, and exercising the horses,” Mindy says.

In addition to the breeding program, Mindy hopes to promote the breed and to educate people about their versatility. “If someone is into jumping, they can do that,” Mindy said. “If they want to drive, they can do that. It’s not like they are limited to just one aspect.”

Her Santa Ynez farm was recently part of a three-day private tour of breeding farms in the valley, which is rapidly becoming a hub for Arabian horses.

Mindy’s daughter Kendyl seems poised to step into the role of fourth-generation Arabian breeder. Mindy describes her as a very gifted and natural born rider. “She rides and shows hunter jumpers,” Mindy said. “She loves Arabians and is absolutely horse mad!”

Kendyl poses with Mindy and her father, Jon Peters, after she won Champion in her division — 13 and under Purebred Arabian English Pleasure.

Her son, Jordan, also shares the family’s love of the breed and had recently shown at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show weeks before we arrived. Mindy describes him as having a rare talent with Arabians. In true California style, Jordan lead one of the mares out of the barn on a skateboard after finishing a photo session.

Mindy Peters’ Arabians continues the family legacy of type, beauty, and pedigree. Many of her extraordinary mares can be traced back to lines used by her grandfather’s program. “My real love is the breeding,” she said. “It’s part of who I am from my grandfather. It’s part of what I hold onto from him.”


MY FAVORITE HORSE. Belle Song HVP. Belle Song was born in Brazil and spent the first several years in the international show ring, winning many accolades. When I got her, I retired her from showing and developed a deep love and admiration for her. In spite of the stress she endured in the show ring, she has developed into a trusting mare that exudes beauty, dignity, and elegance.

MY FAVORITE CAR is a 1945 Chevy pick up — classic American-made beauty.

MY FAVORITE DESIGNER is Ralph Lauren. He has been a favorite of mine for decades. His luxurious fabrics and fine craftsmanship make his clothing timeless.

MY FAVORITE PET is Kahn, my German Shepherd. I’ve had Kahn since he was a baby. He follows me all over the farm, and especially loves playing with the foals.

MY FAVORITE HOTEL is George V in Paris — luxury, elegance, charm.

MY FAVORITE CHARITY. The Cambodian Children’s Fund. It provides education, nourishment, and healing to children living in some of the most destitute communities in Cambodia.


MY FAVORITE HORSE EVENT is Salon du Chevalier in Paris — beautiful horses in the world’s most beautiful city.

MY FAVORITE iPHONE APP is Arab data source — a data base for all registered Arabians at your fingertips.

MY FAVORITE MUSICIAN is Amos Lee — an American singer/song writer who combines folk, rock, and soul music.

MY FAVORITE WEEKEND GETAWAY is Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California. Nestled into the cliffs overlooking the Pacific, the Post Ranch Inn exudes romance and relaxation.

MY FAVORITE MEAL is seasonal truffle pasta from il Pastio in Beverly Hills. Truffles and fresh pasta — could you ask for a more perfect combination?

MY FAVORITE MOVIE PROJECT. I’m currently working on a film entitled Africa, the life story of Richard Leakey.

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