Horse Whisperings

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Photographer BOB TABOR captures the essential personality of each horse.


Bob Tabor is a creative director and photographer known for his large-format prints of equestrian portraits and stunning seascapes. His respect for the strength and spirit of horses combines with his technical expertise to produce images that are esteemed by art critics and animal lovers alike.


BOB TABOR’S unique approach to his work creates an intimate, visceral experience for the viewer. With their strong use of negative space, his equine images have room to reveal each horse’s unique spirit, be it calm, wild, strong, or frightened.

“You see, I’ve fallen in love with the horses because of their beauty, much of which is in their eyes and also their stature. They have nothing to hide. I strive to capture their souls, the essence of the horses,” he told Soco magazine last year.

Bob’s photographs are widely admired not just for their emotional resonance but for his signature minimalistic style, which brings to focus such details as the beautiful arch of a neck, a forelock framed by inquisitive eyes, or a curved jawbone. For his equestrian portraits, only natural light is used to illuminate his subjects. The original background is then removed and replaced with either black or white.

His images can be found in Polo Ralph Lauren boutiques on four continents, as well as in private collections and galleries worldwide, including locations in New York City, Southampton, and Easthampton, New York; Aspen, Colorado; and Hong Kong, Shanghai, England, Dubai, and Peru.