Lindsay Hunter specializes in adding equestrian style to any space

Photos: Allison Elefante & Amanda Bonner

Our love affair with horses goes back thousands of years.  Equestrian décor is classic and rich with history, and will always be relevant to interior design as long as we continue to love horses-  which I truly believe will never change.  As equestrians, we are so passionate about our horses and our life at the barn that it feels natural to bring them home with us.  When I see a pair of old riding boots or a worn leather halter, I don’t just see tack, I see years’ worth of time spent with my best friend, which is worth displaying in my home.

My first job in high school was as a gift wrapper for the Ralph Lauren Polo Store during Christmas.  I was enamored with the equestrian oil paintings, worn saddles, and polo mallets hanging on wood-paneled walls next to a dark leather Chesterfield sofa.  I loved the way he romanticized the equestrian lifestyle in design and fashion.  

I have been designing since I was a child, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided to merge my equestrian lifestyle with my passion for design, and it immediately felt like my calling.  Niching my business has allowed me to become very focused on the style I love the most and to cater to my fellow equestrian clients.

I love creating spaces that are classic and timeless.  I consider my style to be Modern Equestrian.  I love to draw inspiration from the past, especially British and American styles, but with a little modern twist to accommodate our current lifestyle.  I love materials and finishes that have been around for centuries like Carrara marble, brass fixtures, leather, tweed, and tartan.  When I’m designing a Modern Equestrian space, I love to use old tack and riding attire paired with rich earthy tones and cozy textures.  

Designing someone’s home is very personal and intimate.  I strive to tell the homeowner’s story in such a way that a stranger could walk into their home and know exactly who they are.  It’s as if I’m writing a visual biography on the homeowner, and the most successful projects are ones in which I have a meaningful connection with the client.

Now based in Nashville, Tennessee, interior designer Lindsay Hunter graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. After an intensive study in art and architecture in Bologna, Italy, Lindsay went on to pursue her studies in Interior Design at Santa Barbara City College where she met the stringent educational requirements necessary to receive her certification in June 2009.

Through collaborations with talented Santa Barbara architects and designers such as Harrison Design Associates, Lori Smyth Design, Randy Franks Studio, and Peter Becker, AIA, Lindsay has made a name for herself by blending her passion for horses and the equestrian lifestyle with design to create a style she fondly calls ‘Modern Equestrian’. With her growing portfolio of nationwide clients, she established Lindsay Hunter Design in November 2010 and bears the distinction of being certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification. 

Instagram @lindsayhunterdesign & @modernequestrianshop