Follow EQ’s editor Stephanie Peters, along with photography director George Kamper, on their visit to one of the world’s most prestigious equestrian events, Le Saut Hèrmes in Paris. They will capture this unique merging of sport, competition, creativity, and elegance for an EQ feature that will run in the summer issue. But meanwhile, will you please join us this week for a series of informal postings and snapshots live from Paris.

(Originally published Summer 2013)

So my office at the moment is the Grand Palais, and I’m typing away on George Kamper’s iPad. I’m grasping the fact that my days will be full and scheduled well into the fashionably late-night French time frame. I’d best start my recap mid-day because dinner seating only begins at 9:00. Last night ended at 1:30!

George and I met with the Hermès team this morning at the Grand Palais for an introduction to their newest saddle, Cavale, designed for the professional-level show jumper. I later interviewed the director of equestrian products and a key saddle maker, but I will save the fascinating details that go into designing a new saddle at Hermès for our feature in EQ.

Did I mention the Grand Palais is probably the world’s most dramatic and beautiful venue to host a premier jumping event? Combine that with the absolute ingenuity, whimsy, and unparalleled design elegance of Hermès, and you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience.


My iPhone Hipstamatic photo:


For me, visual seduction is the prominent backdrop for Le Saut. Every aspect of this event exudes detail and creativity, including the signage, colors, warm-up paddocks, and retail stalls. And of course, in France, the dining experiences are visual feasts. You just have to love what the French can do with a simple egg.


With all this athletic and visual stimuli, George’s cameras memory cards are filling up quickly, and the editing process back in New York City promises to be an impossible task.






And now the young jumpers have come out to walk the course, under the dome, in the dappled sunlight. I better grab my iPhone! (By the way, these are mainly my shots. We want to save George’s fabulous images for the Summer issue!)






P.S. Check out the playful graphic website:


Au revoir