Rönner Design 2021

Rönner Design developed an eco-fabric logo denoting fabrics recycled from plastic bottles from the local waters off colombia.

Published May 2021. Prices and availability may have changed.

The stylish and easy-to-pair Margot Floral Jacquard sweater in Tuscan yellow by Rönner is full of charm and femininity. The soft blend of Tangüis cotton and baby alpaca is perfect for a chilly evening. $189.
Rönner’s midi Eclipse dress in the iconic Harmony print takes equestrian style to another level. The soft, asymmetrical ruffles at the hem, flattering neck, and matching belt make this ideal for special events. $920.
Rönner’s Cloe Floral Jacquard open jacket in cobalt, with ruffled sleeves in a vibrant pattern of horses and florals, is an ideal layering piece. Made of Peruvian Tangüis cotton and baby alpaca. $249. Shown with the velvet Mimosa Love slippers in red/navy combination. $329.

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