Rain brings out fun WET-WEATHER ACCESsORIES that keep you dry and stylish.

The San Francisco Umbrella Company uses colorful, animal prints. $29.95. sfumbrella.com

RedBubble offers cool phone cases designed by independent artists. Prices vary. redbubble.com

Hunter’s original tall gloss rain boots are a wet-weather staple. $150 hunterboots.com

Forgo your umbrella in favor of Lock and Co. Hatter’s Gortex wide-brimmed rain hat. $190. lockhatters.co.uk

Ellsworth and Ivey’s wax cotton cape is lined with cozy flannel. $388.

Boden’s Whitby waterproof jacket keeps the wet out and cozy in, with gray-sky-defying vibrant colors. $135. bodenusa.com

The raindrop tote from Ahomy is casual yet fashionable. Toss in your umbrella, just in case. $35. Available at amazon.com

Hills Hats of New Zealand’s Sou’wester comes with an internal oilskin neck and ear flap protection. $90. hillshats.co.nz

The MacKenzie waxed cotton outback hat from Hills Hat of New Zealand protects in any type of weather. $118.90. hillshats.co.nz