Food at RANCHO SANTANA is based on a simple premise: keep it natural.



We use the freshest mild white fish available, depending on the season. We prefer to use snapper, mahi mahi, or mackerel.

Cut the fileted fish into small cubes that are about a quarter inch. For one portion, we use about a half a cup of fish and mix it with diced jalapeno chile, julienned red onion, diced spring onion, and finely diced cilantro. We then add the juice of a lime, season with salt, and let sit for a minute before plating. Finally, we place a large scoop of avocado over the ceviche.

Because we have an abundant supply of fresh plantains, we serve our ceviche with tajadas, or thinly sliced and fried plantain chips. But you could serve this with regular tortilla chips or even yucca chips.


As Rancho Santana’s culinary director,
BRIAN BLOCK takes his experience working in New York City’s vibrant restaurant scene and combines it with a passion for sustainability and organic practices. Overseeing both the food and beverage program and the farm and garden project, he strives to showcase food that is as fresh and delicious as it is mindfully grown. Featuring dishes such as coffee-rubbed bone-in pork chops, fresh fish tacos, and raspas (a playful take on paella), the menus at Rancho Santana are carefully curated to bridge the worlds of sophisticated cuisine and rustic fare. From the local staff of chefs and servers working at each of Rancho Santana’s four restaurants, to the gardeners and farmers tending to an ever expanding farm, it is Brian’s goal to leave each guest with an understanding of Nicaragua’s rich culture of cuisine and hospitality.