Photographer George Kamper brings levity to life while staying home

It turns out, despite the untenable challenges the COVID-19 virus has presented, the stay-at-home-mandates have spawned creativity in innumerable ways.

George Kamper Pandemic Bubble

George Kamper, in addition to his advertising photography for the world’s top brands, is the photography director of Equestrian Living magazine. He has been shooting EQ covers and features since the inaugural issue in 2012.

Like most of us, George needed to remain at home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, for several months, which caused him to explore ways to have fun and be creative without leaving his house.

Over the past several weeks, George Kamper and his creative director, collaborator, and wife of 34 years, Sherryl Kamper, have produced whimsical, tongue-in-cheek “Bubble Boy” image responses to life in a bubble during the coronavirus lockdown. 

“As an advertising photographer, I need to keep coming up with fresh ideas and work,” George says. “I literally woke up in the middle of the night and started thinking about how I could be inspired by the coronavirus pandemic rather than becoming totally depressed by it.”

The series displays imaginative scenarios of the duo engaging in activities around their Florida home. George, who is always positioned in an inflatable, protective, six-foot bubble, represents a fun approach to reinforcing the importance of self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. “Our main goal was to create something fun that we could share with friends and hopefully elicit a smile,” George adds.

Producing these innovative images is a two-person operation. George controls the camera remotely from inside the bubble while Sherryl executes most of the propping, styling, and art directing from outside. “Many have thought the bubble was a product of Photoshop, but it’s real.” George explains. “I actually purchased it for a planned fashion shoot. Once coronavirus began to spread, we brainstormed how to repurpose the purchase and decided to work together to create the series.

“Being married for 34 years, we are no strangers to working together,” Sherryl remarks. We began our relationship over 35 years ago as a photographer and a model. And I love that we can collaborate and build on each other’s ideas.

“Ultimately, we decided to visually represent the idea that ‘it feels like we are literally living in a bubble,’” Sherryl muses. “We haven’t put any restrictions on creating the series. While we are in lockdown mode, we are shooting around the house. Once we can get out and about, we may go to the beach or take a ride on the boat. We love that we start fresh every week and try to have one new relevant shot every Saturday morning for social media posting. It’s been challenging, yet lots of fun to work together while on lockdown. There’s a lot of back and forth and respect. We each know our role but are open to each other’s suggestions and feedback.  Kind of like our 34-year marriage,” laughs Sherryl.

George and Sherryl hope to help inspire friends and family to take social distancing seriously while utilizing a little comedy.

Finally able to get out!

Watch the photo being created, beginning in the dark before dawn at the beach:

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