Last updated on May 25th, 2020 at 02:48 pm

2020 in Wellington through the lens of Jacquie Porcaro

Between between January and April, there is nowhere in the world that equestrians would rather be than in Wellington, Florida, with top professionals from around the world, as well as amateurs of all levels, converging to compete in show jumping, hunters and dressage at the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF). Photographer Jacquie Porcaro isn’t a rider, but she feels exactly the same way. During WEF, you’ll find her ringside every day, intent on capturing that magical moment when horse and rider perform as one.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic cut WEF short, Jacquie also shot the Palm Beach Masters Series at the stunning Deeridge Farms in Wellington. Keenly anticipated every year, the Palm Beach Masters was recently named North America’s Best Horse Show by the North American Riders’ Group (NARG). What makes these photos all the more poignant is that 2020 marks the final show at Deeridge, a loss that will be deeply felt in the equestrian world.

Jacquie Porcaro began her photography career more than 15 years ago in Argentina, predominantly shooting family photos and portraits. As she became more knowledgeable about equestrian sports, she was drawn to the challenge of perfecting her technique to capture the most special and spectacular moments during competition. Her goal is to capture the unique, deep relationship between horse and rider. See: porcarokj.myportfolio.com/ jacquieporcaro.photos/ and instagram.com/jacquieporcarophotos/