The White Horse, a new book from Rizzoli and an exhibition in San Francisco pays tribute to the extraordinary beauty of one particular white stallion, Mary McCartney’s Alejandro, depicting him in the landscape of Sussex, where McCartney grew up. Using a medium-format camera for formal portraits as well as 35mm, she profiles equestrian life both on and off the saddle during the course of a year.

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McCartney’s intimate pictures convey the special relationship between horse and rider and underline the profound connection that binds people to these majestic animals. The viewer is taken through an ever-changing vista of lush green meadows, dappled forest trails, and nighttime forests, often using the unique perspective of a mounted rider to afford us the most compelling views.

The White Horse is for equestrians and art lovers alike. McCartney’s beautiful and bold images are sure to evoke the magic of horses’ companionship.

Berggruen Gallery (San Francisco) is pleased to present The White Horse, an exhibition by photographer Mary McCartney featuring selections from her largest body of work to date. The exhibition will be on view October 18 through November 21, 2018. The gallery will host an opening reception for the artist on Thursday, October 18, from 5:00 to 8:00pm.