Kaki Apparel
When Kathryn Hall first began riding, she was outfitted by a consignment store. She chose everything classic and traditional for a young rider. As she grew, the newer options were more wash-and-wear (lesser quality and more expensive). She started noticing what people were wearing and found it was a mixed bag. So Kathryn, at age 13, had an idea to create a single brand that would be classic yet modern, that would carry exercise and show gear, would wear well, and be affordable for the masses.

And so, early in 2015, KAKI Apparel was launched. Kathryn has been meeting every week for over a year with a designer who supports her vision. As a rider, Kathryn has made subtle changes to traditional looks and her design partner has helped in choosing modern fabrics. Together they have tailored jackets, hidden pockets, created removable cuffs, replaced buttons with snaps, updated collars, and added other enhancing nuances. KAKI is unique in style, quality, and price.

She competitively shows in the 3’3 junior hunters, the 3’7 children’s jumpers, and the equitation 3’6. In 2015 she will have competed in WEF, Lake Placid, Cleveland, Kentucky, Harrisburg, WIHS, and back to Florida. Kathryn rides multiple horses, but she owns Crystal Clear (Molly) whom she shows in the hunters.

In addition to her business and riding careers, Kathryn also volunteers to collect ribbons from her rider friends and at other barns for her Refashion Ribbons project, which donates lightly used ribbons to different therapeutic riding programs around the country. To date over 1,500 ribbons have been donated.


Visit KAKI website.