This personalized pink and purple pony room is every pony kid’s dream

When artist and owner of the Painting Pony was faced with the task of re-designing her daughter’s room, she put all of her talents and efforts toward creating a pony paradise for her. The results are incredible. You can shop the entire room at her website:

Designer, founder, and mother of the “client”, Jessica from the Painting Pony describes her inspiration, process, and results:

“Instead of a big party and more toys for her birthday, our daughter asked for a makeover for her bedroom with creations from The Painting Pony. She is very supportive of my art and entrepreneurial efforts and wanted to have her room redone using products her mom had made and designed. 

“The design of the room was light, airy, and whimsical. The room has unique nooks and crannies and an incredibly high ceiling with a dormer and an oversized window overlooking our pasture and a mountain view. With that in mind, I hoped to give it a dreamy, tree-house feel on a country horse farm,” she says.

Though some of the products, including the blackout curtains and the ottoman pouf are not currently available, most of the room can be found for sale at their website.

The Painting Pony makes everything in the USA, one-at-a-time, so customers are able to order custom colors.

Her work is only available via her website, and she warns that if you find her bedding for sale elsewhere, it isn’t the authentic product. “People may be drawn by the lower price, but they won’t get anything other than scammed,” she says. Her work is never mass-produced; they are bespoke items to cherish, as they are personally designed by Jessica and every order supports a self-employed artist.

Whimsical painted trees reach up from both sides of the room into a cheerful blue sky painted on the ceiling. Barn swallows adorn leafy branches and fly about the room along with a few butterflies. Cedar fence boards were put on the walls behind her bed giving the impression of a country farm fence and provide a place to hang show ribbons and awards. Classic purple striped patterned blackout curtains, with fancy horse bridle details, frame-up the oversized window overlooking our farm. The curtain pattern is matched on the twin 16 inch equestrian pillows on the bed.

“An antique dressing table, which had been passed down through four generations in my family, was given a makeover using some of our Horse Show Ribbons patterned fabric to sew a new skirt that hides inner shelves. A Spring Ponies Monogrammed Ottoman offers a comfy place to sit or prop your feet up on from the new window seat.”

For an extra-special touch, she created a small memorial area for her daughter’s beloved pony, Ginni, who sadly passed away the previous summer. To one side of her new window seat (which was designed to sit over three rustic metal baskets with storage space for toys, books, and other items) the memorial consists of a custom colored pencil head study hanging over her pink plaid stall name plate and a pretty pink hook holding her halter and lead rope. A life-sized wall mural of Ginni is also painted on one of the walls. “I took a cute drawing my daughter had made of her new pony, Dixie, and had a pillow made with it, which turned out super cute and might be one of my favorite parts!” said Jessica.

Purple Horse Bit Area Rugs in three different sizes help to break-up the large beige color of the carpet and add more color to the room. Coordinating and adorable throw pillows in different sizes add style and comfort to the window seat.