Have you seen Beyonce’s new album cover?

Queen Bey, Beyoncé, plans to release her new album, Renaissance, on July 29, 2022. The newly released images for the album display a jaw dropping photo of Beyoncé sitting on top of a glowing holographic horse. Additionally, the July 2022 cover of British Vogue features Beyoncé posing on top of a horse with headline title “Beyoncé Turns up the Heat”. These eye catching photos have us questioning. What is Beyoncé’s story with horses?

Harper’s Bazaar 2021

Looking at images of Beyoncé’s career, one will notice there are many times that Beyoncé has been photographed with horses and even used horses in live performances, videos and campaigns.

Let’s Take a Look at Beyoncé with Horses Through the Years


In March of 2004, Beyoncé, performed in her hometown of Houston, TX at the Livestock Show and Rodeo. Beyoncé arrived for her performance on horseback in a dazzling outfit. Houston has a strong equestrian culture and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is one of the largest livestock exhibitions and rodeos in the world. Her performance that year was unforgettable.


Beyoncé’s chart breaking song “Run the World (Girls)” features her riding a Friesian in the music video. The music video’s first 18 seconds show Beyonce riding into the sunset. The video was filmed on the Mojave Desert and Beyoncé is seen riding the rearing black horse in a stunning white outfit.

Image via Beyoncé/YouTube

In the June 2011 Issue of Essence Magazine, Beyoncé is shown photographed in equestrian inspired outfits with a white horse.

Essence Magazine 2011


Beyoncé’s track, Daddy Lessons, has clips of her riding a black horse. The song is about her childhood and lessons learned from her father about being a strong independent woman.


Harper’s Bazaar September 2021 issue features Beyoncé on the cover in a Stetson cowgirl hat and the inside feature has photographs of her posing with a stunning black horse. The horse in the magazine is wearing an Hermes bridle.

Image by Campbell Addy for Harper’s Bazaar

In 2021 Beyoncé also dropped her newest collection of her Ivy Park line called the Ivy Park Rodeo Collection. This collection also stems back to Beyoncé‘s Houston roots. It is said that this collection was designed to bring awareness and celebration to the Black American cowboys and cow girls.


July 2022 has everyone waiting for the release of her new album. The album cover and her British Vogue cover feature her on horseback.

Image by Rafael Pavarotti

With so many show stopper photographs, videos, and performances that involve horses, we are wondering what exactly Beyoncé’s life with horses is. While there is no indication that Beyoncé has horses of her own or rides, she clearly has a love and passions for horses and equestrian style.

In Beyoncé’s Instagram post announcing the release of her album she states what the album meant to her. “Creating this album allowed me a place to dream and to find escape during a scary time for the world. It allowed me to feel free and adventurous in a time when little else was moving.” While Beyoncé’s words are not directly correlated to horses, we know that many people can relate to her statement. As equestrian’s many of us find that riding and being around horses allow us to escape and dream. We find freedom from the rest of life while we are on top of our horses. Maybe we have more in common with Beyoncé then we think.

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