Disconnect and get away, with the help of the horses of Iceland (seriously)

In true Icelandic fashion, the country’s tourism website has a sense of whimsy that engages viewers and invites visitors to the stunning yet quaint country, home to the famous horses of the Vikings.

Isolated for over a thousand years on the rugged island in the North-Atlantic without any genetic input from other breeds, they are one of the purest horse breeds in the world. Hearty, rugged, and versatile, the breed is known for its intelligence and smooth gate. Today, the horses are found throughout the world, though they still roam the beautiful landscape of Iceland, inviting visitors… and answering emails.

Did they really teach the horses to type emails? Yes, yes they did. Watch this video to see how:

The site then goes on to list all the amazing things you can do while traveling in Iceland (as the horses keep up with your emails, of course.)