Stylish and functional must-haves for your canine companion, from beds to bowls and everything in between.

Made with Tom Beckbe’s signature, full-grain American-origin leather, the classic Leather Dog Collar will be your new favorite. Includes antique brass D-ring lead attachment and safety feature O-ring. The keeper on this collar boasts a snap feature to keep everything neat. Not to be outdone by the leash, this incredibly high-quality piece will last the test of time while matching the gorgeous collar.

Back on Track’s Therapeutic Dog Bed Liner is both flexible and thin while being used everywhere. Perfect at home, in the car, or when traveling. It is designed to be easily folded down when needed to fit in different dog crates. Made of a durable material that is lined with Welltex® technology on both the top and bottom. Welltex® makes the bed extra suitable for older dogs and dogs with stiff muscles or sore joints.

Orvis ComfortFill-Eco Dog Bed wraps your dog in the soft, supportive comfort they deserve. It’s a combination your dog will find blissfully inviting. The removable cushion stays in place, no matter how much your dog moves around. ComfortFill-Eco is springy and plush, ideal for dogs who like to nuzzle and nest to get comfortable. This wonderful bed can also be customized to include your pet’s name.

Kelcie’s Pumpkin Spice Dog Treats are low in sugar, starch, and carbs and made with locally-sourced, natural ingredients giving you a treat you can feel good about sharing with your dog. 

Manufactured using a unique extrusion process, they have been created with a specific density and shape for optimal digestion and nutrition absorption.

Butterfly Ginkgo Dog Bowl features the Ginkgo Biloba, or “Butterfly Ginkgo”, which grows with a double leaf reminiscent of a butterfly’s wings. Executed at the highest level of handcraftsmanship, each piece is rendered in solid brass with hand-etched cocoon-shaped vessels. The pieces in the collection are a tour de force of the handcrafted process, capturing the poetic spirit that is so deeply indicative of Michael’s work.

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