Keep your canine companion warm and dry in and out of the stable.

Rambo® Waterproof Dog Coat

The Rambo® Waterproof Dog Coat (0g Outer with 100g Liner) gives greater flexibility and choice with one dog jacket and two levels of warmth!

The removable liner is a lightweight and cozy 100g Thermobonded fiberfill layer which is quick and easy to add or remove to the outer dog coat. The durable 840D polyester waterproof outer with shine-enhancing fur-friendly lining embraces a fully adjustable front fastening to fit numerous different shapes of dogs.

Like their horse blankets, the same exceptional freedom of movement principles are featured in this stylish coat for your furry friend.

Baker Dog Blanket

The Dog Blanket from Baker takes our favorite aspects of the Original Baker Horse Blanket, sized for your dog! With the classic chest strap and belly band for security, the Dog Blanket from Baker is adjustable to ensure the best fit.

This blanket would be particularly perfect for dogs who enjoy extra warmth.

Back on Track Bark Dog Coat

Bark has a completely new type of design that provides the best possible freedom of movement for the front legs. The coat is designed for dogs with a high tail set, and the length can be adjusted with an elastic drawstring above the tail if need be.

Bark has a soft and elastic outer fabric that is water and wind-repellent as well as breathable. The fitted collar has a drawstring to prevent rain and snow from entering.

The inside is lined with Iontex®, which reflects the dog’s own body energy, which can help it maintain an optimal body temperature and keep the muscles and joints flexible in all weather conditions.

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