Four-in-Hand Club at Wethersfield Estate

A video by Marion de Vogel

Wethersfield Estate, in Millbrook, New York, welcomed members of The Four-in-Hand Club for their annual meeting in early October.  More than 100 members strong, the club was formed in 2000 by a group of carriage-driving enthusiasts to promote driving of fours for pleasure, to preserve the historical and cultural traditions of four-in-hand driving and coaching, and to share the experience with others in the hope of focusing more interest in their great sport. 

Ten four-in-hand teams and two pairs gathered for drives, cocktail receptions, and elegant dinners.  Guests were invited to observe the teams in action and included members of the Millbrook Hunt who enjoyed a four-in-hand promenade in front of the Estate’s Palladian Arch during their Opening Meet breakfast.

The Four-In-Hand Club will return to the estate in October of 2020.

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Wethersfield is in the charming village of Millbrook, New York. Read about visiting below.