Featuring dogs rescued by DANNY AND RON’S RESCUE, the Life in the Doghouse chapter books for children are both inspiring and fun.

Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta are horse trainers and animal lovers who began to rescue dogs during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when they saved over 600 dogs. Since then, Danny and Ron have taken dogs into their personal home in South Carolina and formed a nonprofit 501(c)(3) called Danny and Ron’s Rescue that has saved and rehomed tens of thousands of dogs, often to homes within the equestrian industry.

The pair and their organization were the subject of Netflix’s award-winning documentary Life in the Doghouse, which has skyrocketed their popularity even further, including to those outside of the equestrian world. Together with author Crystal Velasquez and illustrator Laura Catrinella, they have written a series of chapter books for children, inspired by real dogs from their rescue.

Book 1

The first book in the series follows an old dachshund named Elmer who wants nothing more than to find a forever family, but his floppy tongue never fits the families’ idea of the perfect pet. When Benny moves to town, and his family adopts Elmer, he isn’t thrilled. But they find out that the perfect best friend might be different than they imagined, and even better than they might have hoped.

Book 2

The second book features a hard-to-train little puppy named Moose, adopted by a girl named Rosa who needs a topic for her science project. Her idea might just solve both her problems in science class and her troubles training Moose.

Book 3

Book three is about Millie and Daisy, two bonded dogs who find safety at Danny and Ron’s Rescue. Millie is settling in easily, while Daisy is feeling anxious about everything. She’s not so sure about getting adopted, but she also doesn’t want to spoil anything for