Tried and true essentials plus new necessities for horse & rider.

Kunkle Gloves

Designed by riders, for riders, and after three years of research and development, this glove has become a favorite of beginner and Grand Prix riders across numerous disciplines. The second-skin feel will impress any avid rider. The washable material boasts the ultimate in touch-screen compatibility. It lasts through years of schooling sessions, cross-country course adventures, piaffes and passages, and of course, giant Grand Prix jumps.

What’s even more impressive is the company’s mesh glove, perfect for warm weather riding and keeping your hands cool, making it a must-have for tack trunk essentials.

Veredus Absolute Open-Front Boots

Veredus’ newest open-front jump boot offers total protection by extending the protective surface of the gel and carbon from the flexor tendon area to the fetlock in an innovative inverted Y shape. Made using protective and ultra-light material, carbon. Giving the shell high resistance to impact, especially in the areas of the flexor tendon and fetlock, which are more exposed to the risk of impact from the hind and adjacent legs. The 3mm membrane is able to dissipate impacts by over 40%, ensuring additional safety and exceptional comfort. To top it off, the double ventilation ensures an exceptional degree of breathability and comfort.

ThinLine Gatorbootz

The easy-release patented latch design offers durability and protection for your horse and peace of mind for you during turnout. One of the most unique features of this bell boot is that it is designed not to sit on the soft tissue, avoiding chaffing & rubs that generally as associated with extended wear.

Redesigned from the ground up, this one-piece polymer horse bell boot offers unmatched durability and protection for your horse. GatorBootz has a patented latch designed to be opened by humans but never by horses.  By eliminating velcro, ThinLine has drasticly extended the lifespan and greatly reduced the hassles of bell boots. The guarantee on these really takes the cake as well!

ThinLine Reins

ThinLine reins are tack trunk essentials

This lined rein is all Italian leather with ThinLine discretely sewn to the inside to provide you with a relaxed no-slip grip even on sweaty days.  Plus, this non-slip rein meets both turnout and performance expectations. One of our favorite features of this set of reins was how easy it was to wipe off. The secure but supple connection these provided were unmatched!

Catago Fir-Tech Recovery Stable Boots

The number one therapy in Europe, the Fir-Tech Recovery Line by Catago is a therapeutic range of equine products that aid in increased wellness and recovery, prevention of injuries, relief of tense muscles and sore joints, as well as the treatment of old and new injuries.

The Recovery Stable Boots features ceramic particles and Synthermax fiberfill woven into the lining of the boots which works as a double-acting therapy to effectively warm muscles, tendons, and joints. Ceramic material converts and reflects the horse’s body heat as electromagnetic infrared heat radiation which penetrates tissues and widens blood vessels. This allows for increased blood circulation and supply of oxygen to enter the tissue, therefore reducing tension, aches, and inflammation. This powerful therapy makes these boots ideal to use before or after training!

Equestrian Toile Jump or Dressage Saddle Pad from Dapplebay

This traditional pattern design has been elevated with equestrian details in the most lovely, true french blue. You won’t find it anywhere else because all Dapplebay designs are 100% unique and created in-house by founder & designer Leah. 

Not only are these pads beautiful to look at, but they are impeccably crafted by the manufacturing partner who has been sewing the top European equestrian brands for over a decade. No detail has gone overlooked, from the dirt-repelling top layer, the non-slip faux suede underside, luxurious padding, and perfectly executed stitching. These pads are incredibly high quality and built to perform! 

Tail Conditioner

Vetrolin Detangler instantly detangles your horse’s mane and tail. It also leaves it shiny while increasing volume & manageability. Fresh herbal fragrance makes Vetrolin one of our favorites and doesn’t leave a residue. A few teaspoons really are all you need! Bonus: you can use it on dogs as well!

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