NFL star Devin White, recently sat down with FOX Sports’ Erin Andrews and discussed his unique connection between his love for football and horses.

For those of us who do not follow many non-equestrian sports, Devin White is known for being the linebacker of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers within the NFL. After a very impressive collegiate career at LSU, Devin was drafted fifth overall by the Buccaneers in 2019. At just 23 year old from Cotton Valley, Louisiana, White revealed to Erin Andrews that he never believed he would come to own such a magnificent and beautiful horse farm as he now does.

Devin White Buccaneers
Image Courtesy of Tampa Bay Times

The NFL star went on to describe his appreciation for what he called “one of the nicest barns he has ever seen in his life”. Devin has granted the name Get Live Stables to the equestrian property that houses three of his sixteen horses. It was during his adolescence that Devin learned how to ride and care for horses.

Horses are Home

When asked what growing up in rural Louisiana was like, White responded, “You learn how to ride a horse before you learn how to ride a bike”. At the age of five, Devin was first learning how to ride with fellow communities members.

Football player Devin White riding a horse
Devin White for Justin Boots

Like many equestrians, Devin agreed that being with horses is a form of therapy and works as an escape from everyday life and the pressures of football. He said, “Everyday I worry, it’s the first place I come.” Grooming his horses has also come to be a very therapeutic activity for Devin. As he puts it, “Most of the time, I don’t even have to come here and ride. I can come here and hook them up in the wash rack and just groom them.”

Devin White with his horse, Django via Instagram

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