An Excerpt from “Rustic Wedding Handbook” Gibbs Smith, Aug 2014

After blogging about hundreds of real weddings and studying thousands of beautiful wedding images, I know one thing for a fact: every wedding starts with the seed of an idea, an inspiration. Maybe it’s blissful childhood memories of summers at the lake or the pure romance of tying the knot in a wide-open country field. Perhaps it’s as simple as celebrating with all your loved ones together in your very own home.

It’s just this type of memory or mood that can serve as the perfect jumping-off point for couples as they begin to build their ideal day. Like an artist painting a picture or a chef creating a meal, the wedding planning process is a creative one. Your wedding’s inspiration will be both a springboard for the project and a touchstone to return to as this vision adapts to the diverse elements that will comprise your rustic wedding day.

I always suggest that couples break this first phase of planning into three key decisions: when, where, and who; in other words, the date, the venue and the crowd. By addressing these fundamental areas right off the bat, you can start to build out the rest of your wedding day vision. Other aspects of the wedding such as style, decorations, food and logistical considerations (think bathrooms and parking) will fall into place much more easily.

For equestrian-specific events, I have a great appreciation for the unique romance a barn wedding evokes. I truly believe there is a barn out there for every wedding. Whether you prefer the classic red barn or an open-sided party barn, brides often struggle with the challenge of decorating such a cavernous space. Most are so vast that to decorate each and every section would be outside the realm of possibility and practicality. My favorite way to tackle this challenge is to define intimate spaces within the barn through the lighting design. It’s the most efficient way to create a gorgeous, warm environment without breaking the bank.

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