Fashionable and functional footwear for cold and snowy weather.

Many equestrians experience parts of the year that are less than 60 degrees, and can appreciate a comfortable and functional pair of socks. One of our favorite brands is Smartwool for it’s quality, sustainability, and functionality.

Smartwool has quite a few key sustainability goals, their most prominent is to become ‘climate positive’ by 2030. This means 100% climate-positive wool, 100% regenerative materials, and 100% circular products.

In terms of reducing carbon emissions, Smartwool sources almost all its wool from ZQ growers. ZQ-certified merino works toward animal welfare, sustainability, and social responsibility by supporting regenerative agriculture practices. Regenerative agriculture gives back to the environment during the farming process by eliminating till, composting, crop diversification, and rotational grazing. Smartwool’s goal is for 100% of its wool to be sourced from ZQ-certified growers by 2025.

Smartwool is also working hard to implement circularity in its supply chain. Their Smartloft insulation used in cold weather apparel is made with post-industrial wool from the manufacturing scraps of their Classic Thermal Merino. Smartwool also has their Second Cut Project, where consumers can recycle their used and unwanted SW socks, they can order a free mailer on the website.

The brand also has a line of apparel made with environmentally conscious plant-based dye!

Two of our other picks include a lighter, cushioned ankle sock, and an everyday but warm enough for boots crew sock.

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