custom wreaths made from your prized horse show accomplishments.

One of the most beautiful ways to celebrate your equestrian lifestyle is with horse show ribbon wreaths. These spectacular creations are made by horse show mom Kim Woodall. Her sisters also make pretty pillows and Christmas ornaments utilizing ribbons.

We asked Kim how she got her start making show ribbon wreaths. “My daughter’s walls were covered in ribbons. We took them down to paint. When organizing the ribbons, we needed a better way to display them using less of her walls. She was getting older and wanted a cleaner look to display all her hard work, and the rest is history.” Then, she started making them for fun for her daughter’s Pony Club. The idea sort of took off in late 2019 when she had a Facebook post shared over 6,000 times.

Her stunning creations have been shipped nationwide and as far as Hawaii and northern Alberta, Canada. She regularly receives requests from Australia and Europe and hopes to travel to those areas and teach equestrians there how to make wreaths.

Kim loves talking with customers about the special memories each ribbon commemorates and consults with them about how the ribbons they have would look best together. Kim says, “the best part of making the wreaths is when the client sees the picture (or receives the wreath) and is so happy! It is very rewarding to bring people joy!”

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