Why? Because they’re INFLATABLE.

It seems like everything about horse sports is heavy, large, and difficult (if not impossible) to move around. It’s not unusual to bring in tractors, trucks, and bulldozers to get jobs done. This was often the only way to manage moving the rails and standards needed to build a jump course, save for a full day’s work dragging them around the arena on your own to set them up.

Airess obstacles are portable inflatable jumps that aim to make setting up a course a whole lot easier. Just about any air pump can fill them—the smaller ones in just a few seconds, the larger in about a minute. To add stability and weight, add water, or you can anchor them to ground poles with the straps included.

Most of the obstacles weigh just 10 pounds and compress to fit into a gym bag; a whole jump course fits into the trunk of a compact car. Airess obstacles are typically half the price of traditional wood jumps, and the company offers free shipping.

Switch back and forth between a jump course and the flat in record time. Or adjust your jumps constantly to tackle new and interesting technical situations. If accidental dismounts occur, the lack of nails and sharp edges makes for a softer landing.

Most of the obstacles are modular: they can be combined to create many different configurations from a few basic shapes. Some have a pass-through for a rail so the height can be easily adjusted. And unlike traditional jumps, they won’t splinter, rot, or need repainting. Made from durable materials with welded seams, they can withstand even extreme weather and other difficult environments.

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