Most people shop Amazon for essential household items, clothes, and groceries. But the endless possibilities of the shopping platform are illustrated in this product available at the touch of a button: a ready-to-move-in home.

A tiny home, though a home nonetheless!

The luxurious little shed is basically ready for you to move right in, and has become a bestseller. The prefab home by Zolyndo is portable and ready to be shipped within a week of purchase, making it incredibly convenient if you have a spot of land to park it on. Its sturdy frame is made from steel, able to withstand strong winds and earthquakes, with flame-retardant wallboards to increase its safety.

There’s a bathroom, with sink, shower, and toilet, and even pre-installed electrical wiring throughout. With some design prowess and a little time and energy, the tiny structure offers endless possibilities, from an office, salon, guest house, or man cave/she-shed!