Equestrian fashion is setting trends, just like these Windmill Fans.

Your home deserves a high-end functional and timeless work of art that doubles as a ceiling fan unique to your equestrian style and traditions. That makes a custom finish from Windmill Ceiling Fans a perfect choice! Take a moment to glance through the 2022 preferred favorite fan finishes for equestrian homes, estates, and tack rooms! Their fans have a distinctive finish, are easy on the eyes, and create an unrepeatable look that makes your property the envy of town.

Their Aspen Timber is the first finish to make our preferred favorites for equestrian homes list; this finish is light, bright, and elegant. The blades are similar to the bark of Aspen Trees in the Rockies. Beautiful tones of white, gray, and taupe are set off by the aged gold motor and frame. Perfect in a farmhouse, rustic or modern setting. 

The Grand Teton finish needs little explanation; this striking fan shines with the colors of Montana’s big sky. It’s hand-painted, weathered, Texas Turquoise with Patina Copper tips, motor, and frame.

Imagine a windmill ceiling fan that matches fixtures, furniture, and decor with ease,  is entirely personalized, and is designed to perfectly fit your space’s aesthetic and scale. Their Sable Suede finish can do just that; this gorgeous finish resembles fine suede with many shades of charcoal, black and gray. The darker blades are accented by the stunning aged gold motor and frame.

Rounding out our 2022 preferred fan finish favorites for equestrian homes list would be the  beloved Brushed Metal and classic Cattleman. You’re sure to make a dynamic impression when you use Brushed Metal as part of your Windmill Ceiling Fan design. Brushed metal is one of the five most common metals in designs today. This finish takes time and patience since it is hand-sanded. It has the look of new corrugated metal panels and even has an artistic feel that fits in contemporary and modern spaces. 

Conversely, the Cattleman is more rugged and draws inspiration from the Wild West. Ol’ rusted steel and a solid iron look are perfect for any outdoor space or home. Its hand-painted, barn-metal blades with rustic iron tips, motor, and the frame is a nod to the quaint yet classic history of the Old West. Add a touch of elegance to your tack room, barn, or equestrian home while keeping everything cool with your own Windmill Ceiling fan.

There’s nothing more timeless and unique!

Windmill Ceiling Fans create luxury equestrian custom art  for your home reflecting the beauty, love, and passion of the riding lifestyle. Handcrafted in Texas and designed to cohesively blend with your home decor, the custom handcrafted windmill fans are the missing element you need to enhance beautiful spaces in every room of your home!

Give them a call at 972-834-5555 to begin designing yours; they’re old-fashioned, and answer the phone 9 AM- 9 PM CT or send a message on social media.