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Your home deserves a high-end, timeless work of art that doubles as a functional ceiling fan unique to your equestrian style and traditions! This breathtaking handmade Windmill Ceiling Fan was designed and assembled by artisans in North Texas using premium American-made materials. Each of the 18 individual blades are painted by hand to create an incredibly unique custom fan that will last a lifetime. This stunning piece of art will turn heads before you even turn it on!

When you opt for a company that creates custom pieces of art like The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Co., you’ll work directly with their design team and artisans with years of experience! Whereas mass-produced artwork is impersonal, often described as watered down and bland, choosing custom-created artwork allows your uniqueness to shine! And the artist’s uniqueness will shine too. They can illustrate a design that matches you better than any store-bought piece of art could.

Imagine you’re looking around your home, trying to figure out what is missing to elevate your living spaces. You envision a gathering room that invites and inspires with artistic decor to reflect your lifestyle and warmth.  A custom Windmill Ceiling Fan that is cohesive with your fixtures, furniture and is specifically customized to perfectly fit your spaces aesthetic would definitely pull the room together.

Ceiling fans handcrafted by The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Co. are easy on the eyes, have a distinctive finish, and create an unrepeatable look that makes your property the envy of town. A fully custom piece from Windmill Ceiling Fans is unlike anything in the world.

You’ll be getting something for only you! Let’s take a look at a few of their distinctive fan finishes:

Charred Whiskey Barrel– Think of that special end to a roaring fire, and you have this finish. The copper tones from the burning embers engulf the back of the blade on this design, and the wood remnants that have turned to charcoal span the face of the blade. This fan is our first multi-finish design, a one-of-a-kind that will add sparkle to any room or outdoor space. You cannot go wrong with this work of art with custom finishes on both sides of the blades.

The Train Station– How can a finish be so stunning, dark, and dirty at the same time? There are many earth tones and consistencies highlighted in this custom finish. Black, brown, gray, copper, rust, and deep textures add to the aged “been there decaying a long time look.” When you think of the filth, soot, and grimy feeling of graves at the Yellowstone Train Station-that is the inspiration behind this artwork! Considering our LOVE of all things Yellowstone, the Yellowstone-inspired Train Station Windmill Ceiling Fan just made sense. Incorporating steel, iron, copper, nickel, and wood, the Train Station fan was created with these materials in mind. This finish is distinctive western art that will envy your friends and make them wish you were enemies of the Duttons!

Oil Rubbed Bronze with Patina Copper -The look of this finish is designed to simulate the feel and shine of aged bronze. This finish is very dark and provides lots of variation from a deep chocolate brown full of copper undertones. This fan also features a sophisticated patina copper finish, gorgeous hammered blue-green vein detail on the motor and frame. Since the Windmill team handcrafts each blade of this work of art, you choose the level of Patina Copper you want your custom fan to have and where it goes!

The Rip This finish has it ALL – grit, class, and loyalty, just like Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone. We have blended some of our most popular finishes and created this incredible custom finish. The blades are a blend of Patina Copper and Barn Metal with a touch of Rustic Black to bring the tarnished, gritty look and feel. The motor and frame are Rustic Black, a classic Rip look. All our fans offer aluminum and steel materials, make it durable and loyal, just like Rip!

The BEST part of a custom windmill ceiling fan is the personal significance and uniqueness this custom piece of art will provide. It is truly one-of-a-kind; each blade is painted and assembled by hand to create a unique custom fan that will last a lifetime!

Working with Kelly and the Windmill Ceiling Fans team, you can truly customize any size or style of windmill fan to match your style. Custom art is the way to go if you want something in your home that reflects your aesthetic.

There’s nothing more timeless and unique!!

Windmill Ceiling Fans create luxury equestrian custom art for your home, reflecting the equestrian lifestyle’s beauty, love, and passion. A custom Windmill Ceiling Fan will become an instant family heirloom. Handcrafted in Texas and designed to elevate your decor cohesively, the custom handcrafted windmill fans are the missing element you need to enhance beautiful spaces in your family home or business! 

Call Kelly at 972-834-5555 to begin designing yours; they’re old-fashioned and answer the phone 9 AM- 9 PM CT or send a message on social media.